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Join the over 10 thousand students that are developing essential work/life skills today's employers value most.


Our mission is to provide essential professional work/life skills training for young adults. We accomplish by modeling our program after the soft skill training taught by today's most cutting edge companies.

Young people entering the workforce are grossly lacking essential soft skills (work life skill) that employers need and demand. We provide free and low cost online and in-person training to help students develop elite level soft skills; the mindsets, attitudes, habits and traits that will ensure their success in the workplace and life.

Our peak performance program inspires students to push past comfortable, find their 'Why?', and continue growth beyond academics in order to pursue their passion and purpose.


Today's employers are desperately seeking graduates that possess workplace soft skills (mindsets, attitudes, qualities and habits) not just academic skills.

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  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've taught me in this (program) and that it was such an inspirational and educational opportunity!"

    Alicia, High School Student, CA

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I just wanted to express my appreciation for you giving me an opportunity to be a part of MindSage this summer. I learned so much working with you and all (the students) from across the nation about what it takes to be not just a good student, but a good person."

    David, High School School Student, CA.

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I truly want to thank you for this amazing opportunity you have given me; through the lessons I have been able to learn more about myself and through my focus groups, I have strengthened my communication skills and learned how to view things from an alternate lens."

    Wajia, High School School Student, GA.

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I actually really liked Influencer Types. It might be one of my favorite lessons because now when I’m doing group work on Zoom … I know exactly what’s happening and the dynamics of what’s happening. So the lesson inherently stuck with me."

    Parth, High School School Student, CA

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "Truly beneficial experience. Ones my age have a hard time with communication. I myself still do. But these helpful and positive people in Midsage can help us to better improve ourselves."

    Jadon, Home School, WA

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "Personally, I've learned about constraints and having faith in yourself... I think it's a good lesson about positivity and open-mindedness. I really like this lesson just because it teaches that just because you struggle with something doesn't mean you always will..."

    Lyla, High School School Student, NV

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "Time has flown by, yet I still learned so much from this (program)... Thank you again for making a great impact on me, and many others everyday!"

    Joy, High School School Student, CA

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I really loved the lessons, I just loved the experience itself. It was really cool to break off of the academic mindset for a little bit...it was refreshing, I wish I would have had this when I was younger."

    Zoe, College Student, MI

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I enjoyed the lessons, especially when it came to Breaking Chains and Emotional Intelligence because it helped me to understand that I need to channel my emotions differently. Keep on doing what you’re doing, because you guys have a lot that will impact a lot of people."

    Kendall, College Student, DE

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "When I looked at the lessons, I thought of various ways I could actually apply it in real life situations. Theres something that can be gained from actively trying things out rather than someone telling you…I’ve learned a lot."

    Irene, High School Student, CA

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "I am so thankful I got the opportunity to work with the company. I definitely learned so much from the experience, and I use a lot of what I learned there on a day to day basis."

    Bhavya, High School Student, NJ

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "It’s very interesting since we are used to working on hard skills - accounting, management and things like that. It’s interesting to see new horizons and broaden our knowledge in this area (soft skills)."

    Regarding MindSage workshop. ISCAM Business School Student, Madagascar

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "It was really beneficial for me personally. But really for everybody! I was glad to see some of my former instructors here to receive this information."

    Regarding MindSage workshop. ISCAM Business School Student, Madagascar

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "It was rather dynamic and also authentic in comparison with, how should I say this - with seminars that we’ve had in the past."

    Regarding MindSage workshop. ISCAM Business School Student, Madagascar

  • MindSage Testimonial Avatar

    "We can get insights that we can use in everyday life. In family life, and social life for example. Even, or especially in our professional life."

    Regarding MindSage workshop. ISCAM Business School Student, Madagascar

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MindSage is for everyone.

Equity starts with helping every student understand they have unlimited potential, no matter their academic or economic situation or background.

  • GRADES and GPA

    Grades, good or bad, don't tell the whole story. The MindSage.org program is designed for students who are curious and want to do work that matters. MindSage is for the creators, the doer, the ones that always give 100%, regardless of their GPA.

  • Metacognitive Approach

    MindSage helps develop traits, habits, attitudes and mindsets for success, so patience is required. The workplace skills employers want aren't developed overnight. Honesty and humility are also highly recommended. If a student doesn't see the need to make any adjustments or improvements to who they are as a person, MindSage is not for them.

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12 Foundational MindSage Mindsets

The most sought after soft skills - attitudes, mindsets, qualities and habits, are co-dependent.

For example, in order to give or receive helpful feedback a student must develop self-confidence. In order to develop self-confidence a student must understand that failing is an integral part of learning and grades are not a measure of ones intelligence.

We've organized lessons for each age group into 12 foundational, sequential mindsets. This very important sequence allows students to build upon each successive skill set. The result is the effective and powerful MindSage work/life skills training program.

What Are Student's Saying About Mindsage?

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Professional Skills Program, Mentoring and Tutoring

Discussion Groups and Workshops

Discussion groups allow students to become the teacher. By expressing what they learned about themselves while going through each lesson, students learn from each other. Additionally online workshops provide a condensed dose of MindSage work/life training concepts.

Tutors and Mentors

One-on-one MindSage training is available! Choose peer-to-peer training from a MindSage Student Associate (SA) tutors, or request a TAC (trained, approved and certified) tutor or mentor for one-on-one work/life skills training.

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